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Ecosistemas de Innovación es una iniciativa de ADItech y forma parte de la gobernanza del Plan de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación de Navarra

La Dirección General de Innovación y el Departamento de Universidad, Innovación y Transformación Digital de Gobierno de Navarra es el promotor de Ecosistemas de Innovación, un nuevo espacio de encuentro que se organiza a través de ADItech, coordinador del SINAI.

Los principales objetivos son identificar las tendencias tecnológicas y anticiparse al futuro de las empresas navarras en cada una de las áreas económicas prioritarias.

A través de una reflexión conjunta y un diálogo abierto, se priorizará el desarrollo de las mismas.

Todas las empresas navarras, centros tecnológicos, universidades y clústeres están invitadas a participar en los Ecosistemas de Innovación junto a representantes del Departamento de Desarrollo Económico y Empresarial y del Departamento de Educación.

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Governance Tool

Junio 2022

The draft of the PCTI, science, technology and innovation plan (Zientzia, Teknologia eta Berrikuntzako Plana) for 2021-2025 will be presented on the sixth day of Innovation Ecosystems.s In particular, the role Innovation Ecosystems will have in the governance of the PCTI will be highlighted and, specifically, how the companies that belong to the initiative will participate in the innovation policy through periodic meetings.

That way Innovation Ecosystems will become a unique space where companies receive direct information from the government of Navarre about the progress of the PCTI, impact indicators and project priorities, etc.

The 2021-2025 science, technology and innovation plan (Zientzia, Teknologia eta Berrikuntzako Plana) was approved in July 2022.

We can build a future because we listen to each other

November 2021

26 R&D&i Projects Presented
More than 30 participating companies
More than 25 SINAI representatives registered
58 bilateral meetings

ADItech wants this day to be for meeting up between business and the Navarre R&D&i system, which is being represented by the primary researchers from more than 40 collaborative projects that are currently under way and that make up the DINAMO community, which is also promoted by ADItech.


Key Technologies

April - June 2021

Based on the more than 190 technological needs identified, a complex map of specific sectorial needs and areas of synergy has been drawn that condenses all the information collected in this phase of the project.

Building a Future


MILESTONES for reaching the 2030 CHALLENGES

Although every sector has a different starting point, common needs can be identified that can be channelled into actions that:

1. are based on a map of global capabilities

2. favour an intelligent specialisation strategy

3. through an ecosystem logic, favour a double dynamic of inter and intra-sectorial cooperation

4. promote innovation based on challenges with pilot projects and real experimentation (living lab)

5. have a talent management strategy

6. have an environment that facilitates commercial relationships between companies

7. and innovative public purchasing

Innovation Ecosystems

September 202


The years 2020-2030 require a clear strategic vision. In order to define a clear common strategy, we need to set achievable short, medium and long term goals. Furthermore, the goals will have to have a margin of flexibility. That strategic vision must be used to focus efforts, work in the same direction and generate greater regional competitiveness.

The development of highly specialised sectors will be fundamental for becoming competitive in the exterior market. For a region as small as Navarre to achieve a competitive position in an international context, efforts must be focused and a high degree of specialisation in small areas must be developed so it can be competitive on the international market.

Local cooperation will be indispensable for gaining global competitiveness, and sectorial and intersectorial cooperation. While cooperation between agents of a single sector is growing, 2020-2030 presents possibilities for synergies between agents from different sectors. Those inter-sectorial synergies will generate greater regional competitiveness.

Prior to 2019

The COMPANYES are increasingly aware of the need to develop their own, implement technology and establish challenges for industrial growth in the medium term.

SINAI Agents, for their part, adopt an increasingly applied approach to technologies and see a need to be aligned with the market in their sector.

Is it possible to align both views?
Let's try to unite the R+D+i ecosystem of Navarra


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