ADItech began working on its first Equality Plan in 2018. This plan, it is worth noting, is being undertaken voluntarily thanks to the conviction and explicit, public commitment of the Management of ADItech, its Equality Committee and staff

The main objective of this first equality plan is none other than to achieve real equality between women and men in terms of treatment in the work environment as an indispensable basis for attaining excellence.

In this context, ADItech has also organised basic training in Equality for all its team and the Equality Committee and General Management periodically meet all the staff to keep them informed.

Another of our commitments is to use inclusive language in all our communications, both internal and external. For this we rely on the guide and infographic developed by CPEN.

In addition to this individual initiative, according to the Navarrese Science and Technology Act,, ADItech is responsible for ensuring compliance with the measures in favour of equality that it establishes.

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Investigación con Dimensión de Género