What is ADItech?

ADItech is a private non-profit foundation created in 2014. As defined in the Regional Law on Science and Technology (15/2018), Corporación Tecnológica ADItech acts as coordinating agent for the Navarra R&D&I System, SINAI, dedicated to the coordination of these agents and to the revitalization of the relationship between science, technology and business in Navarra. ADItech collaborates and coordinates with the 29 SINAI agents and 21 Navarrese companies that are part of its Board.

  • Focal point for the agents of SINAI
  • Promotion of cooperation agreements between SINAI agents
  • Management of the Database and the shared infrastructure system.
  • Coordination of collaborative and transfer projects between Agents
  • Organisation of the SINAI Agent evaluation process
  • Support to enhance the excellence of SINAI
  • Adaptation to management standards required by Authorities
  • Assuring compliance with equality measures in SINAI
  • Boosting SINAI internationally
  • Improving what companies and society know about SINAI
  • Organisation of awards and dissemination events
  • Boosting R&D and innovation in SINAI and at business level
  • Collaboration to boost training in science and technology