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The first Foco ADItech study about the relationship between citizens and science in Navarre

The only goal of SINAI is to give you a better life.
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SINAI, the Navarre R&D&i System, is in charge of researching, innovating and responding to the needs of society. Advances in science and research help improve quality of life and well-being in aspects of daily life, like health, nutrition, renewable energy, mobility and artificial intelligence.

37% of society would like to participate in science activities.
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ADItech invites you to the events they organise where you can learn about the science and research activities done by the whole SINAI group in a fun way.

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Ciclo de cine y ciencia ADItech

Ciencia y sociedad conviven a velocidades distintas.
Vas muy rápido, necesito más tiempo

Ciencia y sociedad han vivido siempre a velocidades distintas: la ciencia, cuyo tiempo es relativo por definición y donde error nunca es sinónimo de fracaso sino de avance; y una sociedad acostumbrada a las emociones inmediatas, a los resultados instantáneos.

Hoy, la situación sanitaria nos ha obligado a pararnos.

¿Es el momento de sincronizarnos?