SciencEkaitza is a festival, the festival of science and technology in Navarre. It is held with the aim of taking science and technology to the general public in an attempt at normalising the enjoyment of science and establishing it as a cultural leisure alternative. In its first two editions, it has brought many international figures to Pamplona, including 3 Nobel laureates, Sophia, the most advanced humanoid in the world, a renowned businesswoman and writer, a “radical thinker”, the European Inventor of the Year 2017, one of the most famous botanists from Kew Gardens in London and even a member of Monty Python!

It has awarded prizes to 12 disruptive ideas from among the 29 entered in the 2018 and 2019 Contests. More than 150 researchers have taken part in the teams formed in collaboration between at least 2 Navarre Innovation System entities. It managed to fill the largest auditorium in Navarre with a science event and also managed to amuse and, above all, surprise those attending. According to the surveys taken, 85% of those attending enjoyed the event and for 45% it was the first science event they had been to.

SciencEkaitza has become a regional reference point for the dissemination of Scientific Culture and has received the MECNA distinction as an activity of “cultural interest”. SciencEkaitza also organises numerous parallel activities: lectures, book signings, film seasons, exhibitions, etc. SciencEkaitza has been made possible thanks to the support of the Government of Navarre, FECYT-Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, and the 16 public and private entities that sponsor it.

2019 Edition

2018 Edition